We at The Pool Party are confused by the obsession over motor vehicles. While the nicely inflated tires do have an acceptable PSI, the whole mode of transportation seems rather silly. Have you not heard of floating? Floating is the best way to get from place to place.

You can float through the air… and in rivers… streams… pools… ponds too I guess. Even the ocean, if you want! Cargo ships can float in the oceans, why not us too? Might have to be a large inflatable for personal safety, but that’s OK. Stretching yourself out as far as you can go is good for your health!

If you’ve got wings, use them! If you don’t have wings, use Helium! Even if you do have wings, use some Helium. Zeppelins seem to have an easy enough time floating around from place to place, so why not take advantage of the wonderful properties of lift? Doesn’t the sky look wonderful when it is full of giant balloons? We sure think so. It would be like a parade, or an air show, but all the time.

As lifting gasses are important, we feel they need to be produced more. Science can help make sure that everyone has as much Helium as they need to get from place to place. Stop pumping oil, start producing Helium!

Don’t bother with airports, go get huge at your local airship hangar, and float places! Maybe bring some passengers along, and make a business of it? They say small businesses are a good thing to start, but giant inflatables are not small. Big business then? Get big, worry about the terms later.

So the next time you go to take the bus, or drive your car, why not go for a float instead? You won’t regret it! Just watch for sharp tree branches.

And lamp posts.

Better watch out for antennas and stuff too. And overly curious birds with their sharp talons and beaks…

Written by Tombfyre

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