About Us

when you are an airhead, thoughts bounce around your mind into perpetuity.

This group of pages is dedicated to speaking about our individual leaders, giving proper credit to our contributors and volunteers and a bit about how we do what we do.

Get Out The Float bridges the gap between the furry community and the communities in which we play. The furry community is often expressed in contrast to the wider world around it; the presence of this contrast implies an illusion of separation. Furry events and conventions are a phenomenon around the world where we gather at a large hotels or convention centers and celebrate our own community while we are willfully isolated from the town or city in which we are having fun.

Frankly, this is not sustainable.

We began as The Pool Party with a mission to be dumber than real politicians. Perhaps as some sick joke politicians proved they are up to that challenge, and are more than capable of out-dumbing us. We were helpless pool toys; failing our mission while at the same time outsourcing our thinking to others. This worked about as well as you might expect and we fell on our face. Often. We learned from our mistakes and if we were blessed with memory we’d remember those lessons longer than a goldfish does.