About the Candiderps

we have serious contenders to run from office. As fast as they possibly can.

From left to right; Baphnedia, Darkk; artwork by Mary Mouse.

In 2003, our founder and Deer Leader, Baphnedia, fought the ‘Bath Party’ in the invasion of Iraq. He bathed only a minimal amount until the war on baths was won. At some point, he wanted to do something bigger. Being the inflatable that he is, what could be more fun than a bath? A bigger bath! These bigger baths are called “pools” by some and the rest is history.

Right at the “Voter Registration Desk” is one of the first places you’ll find Darkk. When other candiderps are running around and bouncing off the walls, this arctic dragon keeps his cool. *shades* He is sometimes found lurking in the background making things go. Vote for Darkk, because he knew better than to jump into a box full of warning labels.