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The multitude of those who contribute to our events above and beyond attending deserve our thanks and praise, even if they are not mentioned here for their privacy. Links lead to external sites.

Feyala, Hubcap, Mary Mouse, Mimblex, Mondomonger, Sjru

Clatsop Children’s Theater Company (2018) (2019)
Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum (2016) (2017) (2018) (2019)
League of Extraordinary Floofs (2019)
Oregon Rail Heritage Center (2014) (2015)
Sunset Empire Parks & Recreation Foundation (2018) (2019)

DJs / Music:

Prominent Material Contributions to Charity:
AnthroWear (keychain tails)
Kabible’s Crafts (assorted decals)
Phenod Toy (assorted inflatables)

Note: Albums are usually labeled as the year, followed by a letter that denotes our first, second or seventeenth event that year (hooray for 26 letters). Links to their names are to a general profile or photostream and may include content unrelated to our events.
Albejorn (2019a)
Avi Tiger (2019a)
Baphijmm (2016) (2017) (2018) (2019)
DozingUnicorn (2017) (2018) (2019)
Hyshaji Nightdragon (2016) (2018a) (2018b) (2019a)
Rukario (2016) (2017) (2018)
Shutterwolf (2016) (2017) (2018) (2019a1) (2019a2) (2019b) (2019c) (2020a)
Yalta Wolf (2017) (2018a) (2018b) (2019a) (2019b)

Fursuiter’s World (2018) (2019)
Graypaww (2015) (2016)
Hyshaji Nightdragon (2016) (2018a) (2018b) (2019b)
Orange Bolt (2016) (2017a) (2017b)
Queenie Deerheart (Meme1)

Writers & Editors:
Matrices, Tombfyre