Ways to Participate

You float. we float. we all float down here. – not “It”

There are lots of ways to contribute to the success of an event. As a poolitical party, we take our names super srsly and can be taking part in one or many of the distinctions found below.

  • Constituent: Someone who is invited to one of our events.
  • Voter: A member of our chats and/or joins us at events.
  • Absentee Voter: Someone participating with us online.
  • Ambassador: Receive a $5 credit for each successful voter you bring.
  • Delegate: Volunteers, staff, contributors & donors.
  • Super Delegates: We can’t afford these; our wallets are full of air!
  • Campaign Manager: Those rumored to live in Fort Paperwork.
  • Candiderp: Those who have permission to run Get Out The Float events.