The Internet

The internet is a wonderful place, and one that more of us should have access too. Did you know you can order stuff over the internet, even other inflatables? It’s true! Should somebody not mind being deflated, they can be easily packed and shipped to any destination.

We strongly believe in using the internet to provide everyone with open and transparent information about companies and governments. After all, if we can be bloated yet transparent, our governments and corporations should be as well. Bloated transparency is amazing, everyone should give it a try. You can order an air pump off the internet too! Go get one, join the squeaky fun!

Privacy is really important for most of us, and it should be respected. Be it privacy when you’re inflating with friends in the living room, or privacy when you’re ordering air pump modifications and extra nozzle attachments online. Companies shouldn’t be able to track what kind of pump you’re buying, or where you plan on putting all those hoses, or how big you can get before you spring leaks. Always remember to configure your internet browser’s privacy settings, and buy your patch kits in bulk. That’s where the savings are!

On the subject of privacy, we also believe in the right to forget. Be it having things you want deleted to be truly gone, or simply forget random things in general. We can’t help it, we’re just airheads after all.

Finally, we feel that the internet as a whole should continue receiving new infrastructure to make it better, and have it work like a high quality air compressor. Good enough for everyone, strong enough to handle any load, and capable of spewing out as much compressed air as possible. That last point may not translate well, but we’re going with it. Did you know that some companies want to put really big balloons high in the atmosphere to help spread wireless internet signals around? We think that’s awesome!

More companies should look at using huge balloons for things. We’re always available for stretch testing and other forms of squeaky consultations. Give us a call!

Written by Tombfyre


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