The Big Toy Agenda for Pooltoys by the Pool Shore

As we prepare ourselves to squeak at waters edge of the biggest pool in the world (The Pacific Ocean), we’ll be making efforts to do some group activities.  Seaside Oregon has a LOT of things to do, but our group can very quickly outgrow most spaces there for how many can be served at once.

If the weather is bad, we might not do some of the activities and have a short list of stuff for backup activities & ideas.  We’re pooltoys; our short lists are very short.  If you have an idea, please reach out to Baphnedia.

The Big Toy Agenda:

  • Friday, Oct 12th:  Travel Day & Setup
    • Setup
      • (10am-4pm) Headless Lounge in Carousel Mall Conference room
      • (8am – complete) Sandpiper Room at Best Western
      • (ad hoc) Inflationists Meeting in the Sandpiper Room
        • Bring airpumps or lungs & inflatables to inflate
    • Fursuit & inflatable photos (ad hoc)
    • “Voter Registration” / Check-in
  • Saturday, Oct 13th:  Party by the Pool Shore

    • 10am Fursuiting Route Preview (walking the route in plainclothes)
    • 12pm Fursuiting Begins in the Sandpiper Room
      • 12:15pm Attempt a group photo before leaving Sandpiper
      • 2nd Stop:  Seaside Promenade / Lewis & Clark Statue
      • 3rd Stop:  Headless Lounge (BREAK), Carousel Mall Conference Room
      • 4th Stop:  Carousel Mall
      • Return (route & time TBD by our official cat-herder)
    • 4pm Pack Out Carousel Conference Room
    • 5pm “Dinner Break” (no official plans)
    • 7pm Election (charities) in Sandpiper Room
    • 8pm Inflatable Games in Sandpiper Room
    • 11pm Deflationists Panel in Sandpiper Room
  • Sunday, Oct 14th:  The Pool Party

    • 9am Pack out Sandpiper Room (move stuff to storage)
    • 12pm-7pm Sunset Empire Pool
      • 12pm – 1pm Inflationists Panel (bring pumps / extension cords)!
      • TBD  Inflatable games in wading pool
      • TBD 1 hour meal break from pool
      • 6pm-7pm Maximum Deflation & Pack Out
    • Ad hoc; small groups fursuiting and photos/video
      • Places of interest include
        • The Beach / Promenade
        • Seaside murals (on the sides of various buildings)
        • Ecole State Park
        • Hug Point (in Cannon Beach)
        • The big, orange chair on US 101 & Broadway
      • Showers are available at Sunset Empire Pool

Sandpiper Room (basement of the hotel, stairs down from the lobby)
Carousel Mall (located on Broadway, a few blocks from our hotel)
Carousel Mall Conference Room (2nd floor, located beside management office)
Sunset Empire Pool (located on Broadway, about a half mile from our hotel)

The event that could be impacted by inclement weather.   In case the weather is wet, backup plans include fursuit photoshoots in the conference rooms, board games and other such things.  We’re trying to make the world a warmer place through the magical powers of climate change.  With that said, we don’t know whether the weather will work with us.