Seaside 2018 Potluck – Cancelled

NOTE:  This event has been cancelled; our old hotel had full kitchens in every room which gave plenty of space and time to prepare food for a potluck.  Shoving everyone into a single kitchen for two hours to make noms does sound to be nearly as much fun; and if it is lotsa fun – it probably means we have a lot to clean up.  Details of the event will be kept below for posterity.


Despite all of our attempts to get air added as the primary food group at the FDA, we still haven’t had any luck.  We give ourselves a chance to stuff ourselves as much as any plush toy before departing for more familiar pastures, beds or the toy boxes we call home.

The Bob Chisholm Community Center, located at 1225 Avenue A, Seaside, OR 97138, is a fully-equipped commercial kitchen, with natural gas range (8 burners), grill, microwave, walk-in freezer, walk-in refrigerator, utensils, dishes, et cetera.  Making too much food for this potluck is okay, not just because some of us wish to become orbs later in life but also you should know any extra food we leave behind will be passed to residents of local shelters by the community center.


  1. We recommend disposable carrying items, so that you don’t need to take Rivertide property to the community center.  Also, it’s a lot easier to leave leftovers for others so you can take any personally owned pots, pans or dishes home with you.
  2. Everything must be cleaned and presentable.  This year we have a group that will begin setting up for their event the moment we leave.  We would like to return to this space next year.  There is a dishwasher and dish pit in the kitchen.
  3. Shopping List:  One volunteer will be given a $20 and sent to the grocery store to get last minute items.  These may include serving utensils, 3×5 cards, fine permanent markers, paper napkins, etc.  The amount of money given will be based on what we need.
    1. 3×5 Cards can have known allergens of a persons’ dish and the name of the person who prepared it.  This way, if you see a dish and you think you might be allergic to something in it, you know who to ask about the dish.
    2. Fine permanent markers show up really well, so that most 3×5 cards won’t have to be picked up to be read.
  4. Viridis Coyote is the primary point of contact for this event.  He will be organizing volunteers and helping keep the menu a bit balanced.  If Coyotes only ask for dishes including cactus, or a 100% all desert menu… or dessert menu… hrmm…
  5. Each hotel room at Rivertide has a full kitchen (as full as you’ll find in a hotel).  During the weekend, feel free to put together and prep as much of your potluck foods as you like!
  6. Cooking & volunteer signup forms will be linked in the event Telegram announcement channel.

Agenda for us on Sunday, Oct 14th, 2018:

10am:  Community Center opens for us, setup then food prep.
11am:  (just a note, checkout time from hotel)
12pm:  Serving begins.  (note:  pool setup begins)
1:30pm:  Serving ends; eat noms fast!
2pm:  Cleanup!  Food to be left behind goes into freezer or fridge and gets marked as a donation.  All dishes cleaned, all areas cleaned & trash taken out.
3pm:  Community Center closes.