Pooltoys by the Pool Shore 2018… after the fact…

A lot of firsts happened with us in Seaside this year.  Baphnedia is a bit of an airhead so for the Feb 2019 will definitely want help capturing all the happenings in warning label format.  This time it’s going to be short, sweet, and to the point; because that’s what warning labels are.  Right?

The Pool Party in Seaside 2018:
– 38 Voters took part (a total of 38 participants)
– 10 participating Delegates (our voting system only allows ten)
– 1 Contest of 2 Charities, for which $400.50 was raised.
– 1 Newspaper article… IN COLOR.

If you are looking for photos or to reach us…
– We have a Flickr photo stream set up;
– We can be best reached via Twitter

In 2017, there were only 27 of us in Seaside; this year that number grew by 11 despite the long drives and remote location.  For the first time, we used our Delegates in at-event voting.  We think there were 14 Delegates present, but VoteBot on Telegram will only allow up to 10 answers to a poll; so we randomized who got to be called on during the election proceedings.

The election was a contest between the Sunset Parks & Recreation Foundation and the Clatsop Children’s Theater Company that the former won.  Just over four hundred dollars were raised in total, and each charity took  a small bucket of cash with them.

For those of us who were in one of the fursuit group photos at the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum; that photo made it into the Seaside Signal during the weekend of The Pool Party.  Not only were we in the paper, but we were graced with being portrayed in color!

Thank you to everyone who helped make the event the best yet!  ^_^

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