Rough Schedule for Airheads on an Airplane 2019

Squeak!  This is our schedule.  There are many like it, but this one is ours.  We’ve moved it here from Telegram, and some formatting got a little funny on us.  We’re warning ourselves about how we wish to prepare schedules in the future, but for the moment, it is more important to get this to you, than to have it look pretty, organized or pretty organized.  ^_^


Friday, Feb 1st:

  • 10am-12pm: Equipment packout from Baph’s house (stuff should be ready to go out the door).
  • 1pm-5pm: Setup in 3rd floor conference room. Load in of All The Things
  • Check floor for sharps/debris, set up headless lounge.
  • Inflate all the things
  • 6pm-??? Dinner (either Golden Valley Brewery or the casino steakhouse; tbd day of)
  • 8ish-11pm: relaxation at hotel pool (other hotel guests may also be present and can use the pool while we are there)

Saturday, Feb 2nd:

  • 8-9am: Volunteers set up reg, radios, any final setups.
  • 9am: Registration opens, museum opens (our registration desk will have our museum wristbands)
  • If you are planning to go up in The Spruce Goose, it is $25 per group of 4, 2 fursuiters, 1 photographer, 1 handler (w/ water), best time to pay and get on their schedule is 9am at the sales desk in the Aviation Museum); fursuiters will have to take off their feets to ascend the stairs to the cockpit and observation area).
  • 9:30am: Opening remarks about The Pool Party, Fursuiter and Inflatable Care Instructions, The Museum, Charities & The Election
  • 10am: Change into fursuits!
  • 10:45am: Group pictures with the inflatables (before we head into the museum; which museum we do first is TBD, we are not the only group present that day)
  • 12:30pm LONCH BREAK. Food get. Hydrate. No die.
  • 2-3:45pm Moar fursuiting! (small groups/individuals), inflatable hamster ball races? (TBD)
  • 4:00pm: If not already packed in, pack up registration table for the day.
  • 4:15pm: Election Time! (Baphnedia, Darkk, League of Extraordinary Floofs)
  • 4:30pm: Buy your votes! $1! (counting begins)
  • 4:45pm: “Winner” announced as well as charity totals. Then Get The Heckie out of the Museum Because Doors Close At 5pm.
  • 6pm: Dinner (tables of 4ish) at the buffet in Spirit Mountain Casino (departing hotel about 5:30). All ages welcome, those under 21 cannot enter the casino floor, itself, but can go to the buffet.

Sunday Feb 3rd:

8-9am, Reg & any other setup
9-9:45am: Any last minute Water Landing purchases may be made at reg (as an add-on, it is $25 by itself).
10am: Waterpark opens (Baph or Darkk will deliver written list of all waterlanding folks; bring your ID to the waterpark front desk to get your wristband)
– Secure lockers at the waterpark and towels cost extra; though you may bring your own towel.
10:30am Group fursuiting gathers in conference room before heading to the Space Museum
12:30pm LONCH BREAK. Food get. Hydrate. No die.
1:30-3:30pm Individual/small group fursuiting around both museums.
– Forgotten Note: Our group may also purchase tickets to any of the movies playing in the museum theater throughout the weekend. ^_^
3:30pm: Pack up registration (if not already done) and Deflategate. Pack out as much as practical before 5pm.
4:45pm: Get out of the museum.
6pm: Waterpark closes.
7pm: Dinner at either casino steakhouse or Golden Valley Brewery (whichever we didn’t do on Friday)
Commence Maximum Relaxation.

Monday, Feb 4th:

7-9am: Any final packout/cleanup from museum 3rd floor conference room takes place.
Loading event stuff and return it to Baph’s house, followed by more relaxation in McMinnville or Beaverton, depending on where/what the group wants to do).
Maximum Relaxation Resumes (or Maximum Overdrive To Get To Work In Alberta) ^_^