Oct 2019 Event Overview

Get out the float 2019
Oct 11-13, 2019
Seaside, or

Get Out The Float 2019 is our third event in Seaside, Oregon.  Our events are a mix of  what you’d expect to find at a furry convention, charity fursuiting event and a pool party.  Most of our heavy setup will begin Thursday, October 10th, 2019.  This year we are supporting three charities, The League of Extraordinary Floofs, Clatsop Children’s Theater Company and the Sunset Empire Parks & Recreation Foundation.  Likewise, three awesome furry companies are contributing some of their wares (50%-100% of proceeds going to charity!): KabiblesCrafts, AnthroWear and Phenod Toys.  

You can help kickstart our donation to charity by adding an amount to your registration.  It costs $1 per vote, and we like to stuff the ballot box with bills.  The “election” will take place during the weekend.  We will also be accepting donations to the charities during the weekend.  Each charity will receive all donations designated for them, none will leave empty-handed.   

Please Pardon Our Dust

At present, we are re-organizing a lot. The scaffolding of thoughts and ideas cannot exist inside a pooltoy’s brain, but it’s there, anyway. For better digestion, we are simplifying our layout. It speaks volumes when the Candiderp who posted all the content of the site can’t find where he put stuff. This is part a problem between the keyboard and chair, it is also partly professional disorganization.

Some “newer” things might get tried out, and the old way of organizing all the things is in the process of being scrapped. The main changes is the main navigation menu is in the upper right now, and what used to be the sidebar navigation menu will now point to posts about upcoming events.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
– The Pool Party

Plush Sea Dragon!

We begin today with the announcement that our sea dragon plush arrived! There is plenty more writing to do, and our is an event registration form adapted for the purpose of allowing our candiderp the use of his living room once again. We didn’t want the poor sea dergs cooped up in shipping boxes until October; so they are available.


Clicky here to go to the order form!