Oct 2019 Travel & Parking

What a world we would live in if we could just float to our destination.

Getting all the way out to Seaside can be quite a fun trip. Not all of us have cars and for those that do, most hotels there have parking lots built for one car per room.


While any number of cars may unload at the hotel, we suggest that the person who is the primary on your hotel reservation be the one to keep their car at the hotel itself. Public parking in Seaside is free in Seaside, though only some areas allow for overnight parking. Pay attention to parking signs. There are three public parking lots in Seaside, and keep in mind that the Best Western, where we stay, is the westernmost building located between 4th and 5th avenues.

Traveling By Bus

If you are traveling to Seaside but do not have (or plan to rent) a car, we found three bus lines that you can use to get to Seaside from Portland. Many of these bus lines allow for tickets to be bought a couple months in advance but may not show any available tickets to or from Seaside at time of writing.

Traveling by plane or train

Using either of these conveyances will get you to Portland, Oregon and from there you’ll want to either rent a car or get bus tickets as noted above. Between the three carriers above, there appear to be at least five buses per day going to and from Seaside.