Please Pardon Our Dust

At present, we are re-organizing a lot. The scaffolding of thoughts and ideas cannot exist inside a pooltoy’s brain, but it’s there, anyway. For better digestion, we are simplifying our layout. It speaks volumes when the Candiderp who posted all the content of the site can’t find where he put stuff. This is part a problem between the keyboard and chair, it is also partly professional disorganization.

Some “newer” things might get tried out, and the old way of organizing all the things is in the process of being scrapped. The main changes is the main navigation menu is in the upper right now, and what used to be the sidebar navigation menu will now point to posts about upcoming events.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
– The Pool Party

Plush Sea Dragon!

We begin today with the announcement that our sea dragon plush arrived! There is plenty more writing to do, and our is an event registration form adapted for the purpose of allowing our candiderp the use of his living room once again. We didn’t want the poor sea dergs cooped up in shipping boxes until October; so they are available.


Clicky here to go to the order form!

Rough Schedule for Airheads on an Airplane 2019

Squeak!  This is our schedule.  There are many like it, but this one is ours.  We’ve moved it here from Telegram, and some formatting got a little funny on us.  We’re warning ourselves about how we wish to prepare schedules in the future, but for the moment, it is more important to get this to you, than to have it look pretty, organized or pretty organized.  ^_^


Friday, Feb 1st:

  • 10am-12pm: Equipment packout from Baph’s house (stuff should be ready to go out the door).
  • 1pm-5pm: Setup in 3rd floor conference room. Load in of All The Things
  • Check floor for sharps/debris, set up headless lounge.
  • Inflate all the things
  • 6pm-??? Dinner (either Golden Valley Brewery or the casino steakhouse; tbd day of)
  • 8ish-11pm: relaxation at hotel pool (other hotel guests may also be present and can use the pool while we are there)

Saturday, Feb 2nd:

  • 8-9am: Volunteers set up reg, radios, any final setups.
  • 9am: Registration opens, museum opens (our registration desk will have our museum wristbands)
  • If you are planning to go up in The Spruce Goose, it is $25 per group of 4, 2 fursuiters, 1 photographer, 1 handler (w/ water), best time to pay and get on their schedule is 9am at the sales desk in the Aviation Museum); fursuiters will have to take off their feets to ascend the stairs to the cockpit and observation area).
  • 9:30am: Opening remarks about The Pool Party, Fursuiter and Inflatable Care Instructions, The Museum, Charities & The Election
  • 10am: Change into fursuits!
  • 10:45am: Group pictures with the inflatables (before we head into the museum; which museum we do first is TBD, we are not the only group present that day)
  • 12:30pm LONCH BREAK. Food get. Hydrate. No die.
  • 2-3:45pm Moar fursuiting! (small groups/individuals), inflatable hamster ball races? (TBD)
  • 4:00pm: If not already packed in, pack up registration table for the day.
  • 4:15pm: Election Time! (Baphnedia, Darkk, League of Extraordinary Floofs)
  • 4:30pm: Buy your votes! $1! (counting begins)
  • 4:45pm: “Winner” announced as well as charity totals. Then Get The Heckie out of the Museum Because Doors Close At 5pm.
  • 6pm: Dinner (tables of 4ish) at the buffet in Spirit Mountain Casino (departing hotel about 5:30). All ages welcome, those under 21 cannot enter the casino floor, itself, but can go to the buffet.

Sunday Feb 3rd:

8-9am, Reg & any other setup
9-9:45am: Any last minute Water Landing purchases may be made at reg (as an add-on, it is $25 by itself).
10am: Waterpark opens (Baph or Darkk will deliver written list of all waterlanding folks; bring your ID to the waterpark front desk to get your wristband)
– Secure lockers at the waterpark and towels cost extra; though you may bring your own towel.
10:30am Group fursuiting gathers in conference room before heading to the Space Museum
12:30pm LONCH BREAK. Food get. Hydrate. No die.
1:30-3:30pm Individual/small group fursuiting around both museums.
– Forgotten Note: Our group may also purchase tickets to any of the movies playing in the museum theater throughout the weekend. ^_^
3:30pm: Pack up registration (if not already done) and Deflategate. Pack out as much as practical before 5pm.
4:45pm: Get out of the museum.
6pm: Waterpark closes.
7pm: Dinner at either casino steakhouse or Golden Valley Brewery (whichever we didn’t do on Friday)
Commence Maximum Relaxation.

Monday, Feb 4th:

7-9am: Any final packout/cleanup from museum 3rd floor conference room takes place.
Loading event stuff and return it to Baph’s house, followed by more relaxation in McMinnville or Beaverton, depending on where/what the group wants to do).
Maximum Relaxation Resumes (or Maximum Overdrive To Get To Work In Alberta) ^_^

Airheads on an Airplane Hotel Information

Squeak! It’s that time of year again, when between Christmas, family, presents and the weather we tell you that the room block is about to expire. Our room block is open until December 31st, 2018; however you are welcome to reserve a room at the best rate the hotel has to offer even if you are not in our roomblock; as there are two hotels within a mile of the aviation museum.

Comfort Inn & Suites
2520 SE Stratus Ave
McMinnville, OR 97128
Call (503) 472-1700 to make your reservation!

Block Details
Arrival:  Thursday, Jan 31st, 2019
Departure:  Tuesday, Feb 5th, 2019
Cutoff Date:  Dec 31st, 2019
Single King or Double Queen:  $105.00/night + taxes (11.8%)

Hotel Amenities
This list of amenities and further detail is available on Comfort Inn’s website

We look forward to seeing you!  The next posts to expect from us revolve around planned activities and a tentative schedule.  You may look for these to be posted in early to mid January.  ^_^ 


Pooltoys by the Pool Shore 2018… after the fact…

A lot of firsts happened with us in Seaside this year.  Baphnedia is a bit of an airhead so for the Feb 2019 will definitely want help capturing all the happenings in warning label format.  This time it’s going to be short, sweet, and to the point; because that’s what warning labels are.  Right?

The Pool Party in Seaside 2018:
– 38 Voters took part (a total of 38 participants)
– 10 participating Delegates (our voting system only allows ten)
– 1 Contest of 2 Charities, for which $400.50 was raised.
– 1 Newspaper article… IN COLOR.

If you are looking for photos or to reach us…
– We have a Flickr photo stream set up;
– We can be best reached via Twitter

In 2017, there were only 27 of us in Seaside; this year that number grew by 11 despite the long drives and remote location.  For the first time, we used our Delegates in at-event voting.  We think there were 14 Delegates present, but VoteBot on Telegram will only allow up to 10 answers to a poll; so we randomized who got to be called on during the election proceedings.

The election was a contest between the Sunset Parks & Recreation Foundation and the Clatsop Children’s Theater Company that the former won.  Just over four hundred dollars were raised in total, and each charity took  a small bucket of cash with them.

For those of us who were in one of the fursuit group photos at the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum; that photo made it into the Seaside Signal during the weekend of The Pool Party.  Not only were we in the paper, but we were graced with being portrayed in color!

Thank you to everyone who helped make the event the best yet!  ^_^

Running From Office

On the beach, fursuits & inflatables… (warning, contains warning labels!)

Pooltoys by the Poolshore is our first event by the beach and now that our hotel is on the beach itself, it’s time that we had that little talk.

Fursuits: fursuit etiquette in our fandom is one of the bastions of a well-informed community.  Were we to ask you to tell us what constitutes good fursuit etitquette, we would get largely the same answers.  This is because the furry community is pretty knowledgeable sometimes.  Shocking!  Some of our fursuiting will take place in public, where most people on the street have no idea about these things or what furries are; or even that the costumes cost more to make than fifty to one hundred dollars.  With that in mind… we ask that every member of our group watch out for each other and be safe. Like with any public fursuiting you should always arrange having a handler around to help you better interact with the public, and also to keep you hydrated and safe from obstacles and dangers moving or otherwise.

The Beach is right next to our hotel.  We haven’t planned any specific beach outings this year because there is a high chance that the weather will not cooperate in mid-October.  That said, the beach is open, and ask that you stay safe out there and be prepared.  Jumping on a pooltoy in the ocean without proper preparation could result in you or your pooltoy getting swept out to sea, never to be seen again.  You can think of rip currents as a good way to Rest In Peace.

  • Think about what to pack; lots of rope (100′ or more), anchors (such as a 5 gallon bucket), battery powered air pump, tarps, pavilion, water & sunscreen, among other things.
  • Use the bucket, sand, rope and a friend on the shore to anchor your pooltoy and to make sure nothing happens to your anchor.  Anchor buddies are important.
  • Public Displays of Pooltoy:  it is a public beach, your anchor buddy will probably also get to toysit for you and answer questions from the public, such as where to get them / how much they cost.
  • The Pool Party isn’t prepared to include the beach as a part of our events this year.

The Carousel located in The Carousel Mall will be in use by our group on Saturday, Oct 14th in the early afternoon; before our group begins the return trek to the hotel.  There are some particular things you should know:

  • If you are in fursuit, you may need help from your handler and/or carousel staff to get you seated on the carousel.
  • A lot of small kids are present.  Sometimes the carousel operators will have just members of our group on the carousel, we may also be mixed with the public on some runs.
  • Each member of our group has two carousel rides included in the cost of registration – whether you are in suit or not.  While our group is at The Carousel Mall is the only time to get these rides, special circumstances notwithstanding.
  • The conference room on the 2nd floor of the carousel mall is our headless lounge and we will have fans, water and privacy.  The conference room may be air conditioned, but the main mall does not have AC.
  • The carousel can only accommodate about 15-20 of us per run; this is likely the last year that our group is small enough to use the carousel, because of limited space.

Inflatables are perhaps what we are known best for, but they are also something even many folks in the community know little about.  Like fursuits, inflatables aren’t as expensive because of volume.  The price per inflatable that one of our Candiderps usually brings are toys priced between $50 an $1500 each; acquired over many years.  At this time, The Pool Party does not own its own toys; all inflatables brought to our events are privately owned.  Inflatables are generally durable; they can usually support a lot of static weight.  Dynamic weight (such as jumping or flopping on them) they are pretty bad at; unless the inflatable is a bouncy castle and designed to be jumped on.   Some notes on inflatable etiquette:

  • Inflatables are a bit skittish and don’t like being in environments they don’t feel safe in.  Damage to their inflatables (due to accidents or callousness) is the biggest reason why those who own toys don’t take them out in public.
  • Find the owner of a toy and get their permission before using a their toy.  The owner should explain any limitations (such as no shoes, no sharp objects in pockets, badge clips, or “don’t sit on the toy between it’s shoulders, as one of the front legs might rip off”).
  • Whether on land or in the water; jumping on toys is one way to see seam splits in a split second.

For our second year in a row, The Pool Party has an actual pool to ourselves.  If you ask “why didn’t we think of this sooner?”  Well, we’re professional airheads!

  • You cannot enter the pool deck (the walking area around the pool) until after you have showered, unless you are carrying in pooltoys and airpumps and will shower before you get in the water.  Showering is a must.
  • Bring pooltoys, airpump & about a 10′ extension cord.  Almost all outlets are elevated (about 7-8′ in the air), and a lifeguard will bring a ladder to get you plugged in.  We will primarily be inflating toys beginning at noon, and deflation will begin between 5-6 pm, depending on how much work there is to do.
  • Pooltoys may go in either pool (but not the hot tub).  Pooltoys may only be ridden in the deep end of the main pool.  Inflatable games (that do not involve riding) will happen in the wading pool, and pooltoys arranged for photos will be done in the shallow end of the main pool.
  • The lifeguards have the final say about what toys are allowed in the pool.  Size and shape of the pooltoy are important considerations.  Tall toys can obstruct their view of the pool, where as flat toys could trap someone who is out of view, beneath.  The pool-owned inflatable will be up in the beginning and will get put away when we go on break for a meal (or rest).
  • Follow the instructions of the lifeguards and the rules of the pool to the best of your ability.
  • For those not using the pool, know that the showers are available until about 6:30pm in case you’d like to wash up before the long drive home.

If you have any questions, you may reach out to us or to either of our candiderps; Darkk & Baphnedia.  ^_^


Seaside 2018 Potluck – Cancelled

NOTE:  This event has been cancelled; our old hotel had full kitchens in every room which gave plenty of space and time to prepare food for a potluck.  Shoving everyone into a single kitchen for two hours to make noms does sound to be nearly as much fun; and if it is lotsa fun – it probably means we have a lot to clean up.  Details of the event will be kept below for posterity.


Despite all of our attempts to get air added as the primary food group at the FDA, we still haven’t had any luck.  We give ourselves a chance to stuff ourselves as much as any plush toy before departing for more familiar pastures, beds or the toy boxes we call home.

The Bob Chisholm Community Center, located at 1225 Avenue A, Seaside, OR 97138, is a fully-equipped commercial kitchen, with natural gas range (8 burners), grill, microwave, walk-in freezer, walk-in refrigerator, utensils, dishes, et cetera.  Making too much food for this potluck is okay, not just because some of us wish to become orbs later in life but also you should know any extra food we leave behind will be passed to residents of local shelters by the community center.


  1. We recommend disposable carrying items, so that you don’t need to take Rivertide property to the community center.  Also, it’s a lot easier to leave leftovers for others so you can take any personally owned pots, pans or dishes home with you.
  2. Everything must be cleaned and presentable.  This year we have a group that will begin setting up for their event the moment we leave.  We would like to return to this space next year.  There is a dishwasher and dish pit in the kitchen.
  3. Shopping List:  One volunteer will be given a $20 and sent to the grocery store to get last minute items.  These may include serving utensils, 3×5 cards, fine permanent markers, paper napkins, etc.  The amount of money given will be based on what we need.
    1. 3×5 Cards can have known allergens of a persons’ dish and the name of the person who prepared it.  This way, if you see a dish and you think you might be allergic to something in it, you know who to ask about the dish.
    2. Fine permanent markers show up really well, so that most 3×5 cards won’t have to be picked up to be read.
  4. Viridis Coyote is the primary point of contact for this event.  He will be organizing volunteers and helping keep the menu a bit balanced.  If Coyotes only ask for dishes including cactus, or a 100% all desert menu… or dessert menu… hrmm…
  5. Each hotel room at Rivertide has a full kitchen (as full as you’ll find in a hotel).  During the weekend, feel free to put together and prep as much of your potluck foods as you like!
  6. Cooking & volunteer signup forms will be linked in the event Telegram announcement channel.

Agenda for us on Sunday, Oct 14th, 2018:

10am:  Community Center opens for us, setup then food prep.
11am:  (just a note, checkout time from hotel)
12pm:  Serving begins.  (note:  pool setup begins)
1:30pm:  Serving ends; eat noms fast!
2pm:  Cleanup!  Food to be left behind goes into freezer or fridge and gets marked as a donation.  All dishes cleaned, all areas cleaned & trash taken out.
3pm:  Community Center closes.

The Big Toy Agenda for Pooltoys by the Pool Shore

As we prepare ourselves to squeak at waters edge of the biggest pool in the world (The Pacific Ocean), we’ll be making efforts to do some group activities.  Seaside Oregon has a LOT of things to do, but our group can very quickly outgrow most spaces there for how many can be served at once.

If the weather is bad, we might not do some of the activities and have a short list of stuff for backup activities & ideas.  We’re pooltoys; our short lists are very short.  If you have an idea, please reach out to Baphnedia.

The Big Toy Agenda:

  • Friday, Oct 12th:  Travel Day & Setup
    • Setup
      • (10am-4pm) Headless Lounge in Carousel Mall Conference room
      • (8am – complete) Sandpiper Room at Best Western
      • (ad hoc) Inflationists Meeting in the Sandpiper Room
        • Bring airpumps or lungs & inflatables to inflate
    • Fursuit & inflatable photos (ad hoc)
    • “Voter Registration” / Check-in
  • Saturday, Oct 13th:  Party by the Pool Shore

    • 10am Fursuiting Route Preview (walking the route in plainclothes)
    • 12pm Fursuiting Begins in the Sandpiper Room
      • 12:15pm Attempt a group photo before leaving Sandpiper
      • 2nd Stop:  Seaside Promenade / Lewis & Clark Statue
      • 3rd Stop:  Headless Lounge (BREAK), Carousel Mall Conference Room
      • 4th Stop:  Carousel Mall
      • Return (route & time TBD by our official cat-herder)
    • 4pm Pack Out Carousel Conference Room
    • 5pm “Dinner Break” (no official plans)
    • 7pm Election (charities) in Sandpiper Room
    • 8pm Inflatable Games in Sandpiper Room
    • 11pm Deflationists Panel in Sandpiper Room
  • Sunday, Oct 14th:  The Pool Party

    • 9am Pack out Sandpiper Room (move stuff to storage)
    • 12pm-7pm Sunset Empire Pool
      • 12pm – 1pm Inflationists Panel (bring pumps / extension cords)!
      • TBD  Inflatable games in wading pool
      • TBD 1 hour meal break from pool
      • 6pm-7pm Maximum Deflation & Pack Out
    • Ad hoc; small groups fursuiting and photos/video
      • Places of interest include
        • The Beach / Promenade
        • Seaside murals (on the sides of various buildings)
        • Ecole State Park
        • Hug Point (in Cannon Beach)
        • The big, orange chair on US 101 & Broadway
      • Showers are available at Sunset Empire Pool

Sandpiper Room (basement of the hotel, stairs down from the lobby)
Carousel Mall (located on Broadway, a few blocks from our hotel)
Carousel Mall Conference Room (2nd floor, located beside management office)
Sunset Empire Pool (located on Broadway, about a half mile from our hotel)

The event that could be impacted by inclement weather.   In case the weather is wet, backup plans include fursuit photoshoots in the conference rooms, board games and other such things.  We’re trying to make the world a warmer place through the magical powers of climate change.  With that said, we don’t know whether the weather will work with us.

Best Western Ocean View Resort in Seaside, OR Oct 12-14th, 2018

IMPORTANT EDIT:  We overinflated our old hotel, and moved to the Best Western Ocean View Resort in Seaside, OR. The following is edited / updated to reflect the new hotel information…

At night when the wind blows, we don’t want anyone going out with the tide into the big blue beyond.  The place to flop at night for us is the Best Western in Seaside.  Without further ado, a plethora of detail!

Best Western Ocean View Resort
414 N Prom
Seaside, OR 97138
(800) 234-8439
Reservations made by phone only.
Our group name is The Pool Party.

Room Rates:
Micro Room 1 Queen:  $129/night
Ocean View 1 King w/ Murphy Bed:  $169/night

  • All rates are subject to prevailing taxes, currently 11.8%.
  • Rates are valid for up to two adults, or four adults in the 2 bedroom suites.  Each additional adult will add $15.00 per person per night.
  • Check-in is 4pm, check-out is 11am.
  • Ocean Bakery Cafe open daily (they have a concise menu, comprised mostly of sandwiches and pizzas in addition to being the local caffeine dealer).
  • On-site parking (1 car per room, additional public parking nearby).  There is slightly more parking per room at Best Western, and a nearby gravel overflow lot.
  • Indoor pool, spa and fitness center
  • Complimentary WIFI throughout the hotel
  • All guest rooms have flat-screen TV, refrigerator, microwave & pillow top bed
  • Group rate available up to 2 days before and after our event, as long as hotel is below 80% occupancy.
  • This group rate will no longer be available for reservations made after September 10th, 2018.  Get your reservation in early!
  • Cancellations must be made more than 14 days prior to the start of your stay.  A fee equal to the room rate for one night will be charged for late cancellations or no-shows will be applied.  In other words, if you need to cancel last minute, it is best practice to see who the room can be transferred to whenever possible.

Hotel Information for Airheads on an Airplane Feb 2nd-4th, 2018

Squeak!  Time is getting away from us like that helium balloon.  Come back!  Come baaaack!  What were we squeaking about?  Oh yes!  Airheads aren’t allowed to sleep in museum airplanes.  Rest assured, can sleep inn comfort from Feb 2-4th, 2018 just down the street from the museum.

Comfort Inn & Suites
2520 SE Stratus Avenue, McMinnville, OR, 97128
Phone: (503) 472-1700*
* Reservations for The Pool Party must be made to the hotel by calling this number.

Room Prices (intentionally left blank; TBA soon)

Amenities (cross posted from their website):

Airheads on an Airplane 2018 Registration Application

Squeak!  Registration is open for applications as of posting.  You may clicky on the link below to go straight to the form.  The form is so short that we could count the questions on our fins!  For this other posts relating to this event, please click on the category, Feb 2018 Airheads on an Airplane while supplies last.  ^^

Registration Application

Rivertide Suites Hotel in Seaside

Update 2:  The hotel sold out; though there is still some room space for some more constituents.  If you are looking for room space, track down Baphnedia and he will see if he can find space for you.

Update 1:  After September 8th, the group rates are no longer available.

Rivertide Suites Hotel
102 N. Holladay
Seaside, OR 97138
(503) 717-1100; (877) 871-8433

Reservation Period:  Now until Friday, September 8th, 2017 (after this group rate reservations close).
Group Name:  The Pool Party
Dates of Stay:  13 Oct 2017 – 15 Oct 2017 with up to two days before or after at our group rate if space is available.
Method of reservation:  Phone only.  (503) 717-1100; (877) 871-8433
Rates valid for up to two adults per room (except the two bedroom suites; rates are for up to 4 adults).
Additional adults are $20+tax per night (up to 4 in smaller rooms, or 6 in 2 bedroom suites).
Room rates do not include taxes, which are 11.8% as of writing.
Check in:  4pm
Check out:  11am
Reservations are secured by a valid major credit card or an advance deposit equal to the first night’s room and tax.
Cancellations:  Individual room cancellations with our group rate must be received by 4pm fourteen (14) days prior to the first night on the reservation.  For guests who are no-shows, a fee of one night’s room revenue will be billed to their credit card or if an advance deposit was provided, the deposit amount will be applied to the no-show fee.

Guest rates include:
– Complimentary daily continental breakfast buffet 7am-10am
– Complimentary daily Manager’s Reception (5pm-6pm), Beer, Wine, Soft Drinks & Snacks
– Complimentary use of hotel’s wifi system.
– Full size complete kitchens, living room area, in-room washer & dryer, 6 foot jetted tub, fireplace, 32″ flat screen TVs w/ DVD player, and private balcony.
– Triple sheeted pillow-top beds with firm & soft pillows.
– Indoor pool & hot tub, business center, 24-hour managed front desk, Great Room and Hearth Library
– Free parking, non-smoking, pet friendly (additional fees apply), ADA accessible rooms.



We at The Pool Party are confused by the obsession over motor vehicles. While the nicely inflated tires do have an acceptable PSI, the whole mode of transportation seems rather silly. Have you not heard of floating? Floating is the best way to get from place to place.

You can float through the air… and in rivers… streams… pools… ponds too I guess. Even the ocean, if you want! Cargo ships can float in the oceans, why not us too? Might have to be a large inflatable for personal safety, but that’s OK. Stretching yourself out as far as you can go is good for your health!

If you’ve got wings, use them! If you don’t have wings, use Helium! Even if you do have wings, use some Helium. Zeppelins seem to have an easy enough time floating around from place to place, so why not take advantage of the wonderful properties of lift? Doesn’t the sky look wonderful when it is full of giant balloons? We sure think so. It would be like a parade, or an air show, but all the time.

As lifting gasses are important, we feel they need to be produced more. Science can help make sure that everyone has as much Helium as they need to get from place to place. Stop pumping oil, start producing Helium!

Don’t bother with airports, go get huge at your local airship hangar, and float places! Maybe bring some passengers along, and make a business of it? They say small businesses are a good thing to start, but giant inflatables are not small. Big business then? Get big, worry about the terms later.

So the next time you go to take the bus, or drive your car, why not go for a float instead? You won’t regret it! Just watch for sharp tree branches.

And lamp posts.

Better watch out for antennas and stuff too. And overly curious birds with their sharp talons and beaks…

Written by Tombfyre


The world as we know it is ancient. Billions of years old, in fact! How do we know this? Why, most of us are made out of processed dinosaur stuff, after all. That’s been in the ground for millions of years! It takes a lot longer than a few thousand years to produce the natural building blocks of a hearty pool toy.

Climate change and global warming are definitely a thing, and something we have a great interest in. The oceans are the biggest pool we’ve got, and all the melting land and sea ice is making more water for us to float in. That’s pretty awesome, right? Plus the air is heating up slowly but surely, and who doesn’t love a little thermal expansion? We have to be careful however. Too much change can be dangerous, as severe storms could leave us blown all over the place. Have you ever had to pick yourself out of the branches of a tree, and patch all the holes? It isn’t fun, that’s for sure.

We often get asked if we’re more interested in micro scale sciences, or things at the macro scale. That should be obvious by now. The macro scale is where we like it best! The bigger the better, as is often said. Perhaps with the aid of some non-thermal expansion, via some lovely electric pump or another. They’re great devices, and one of the many delightful products of modern day science!

You might think that all this talk of expansion, pumps, compressors, rubbery bodies, patch kits, and general bigness are part of some crazy Big Toy Agenda. You’d be quite right in thinking so, as big toys are very much our agenda. The bigger the better! There’s a lot of space out there, and we intend to fill it.

With ourselves.

So grab an air pump, and come enjoy the squeaky side of life! With SCIENCE!

Written by Tombfyre