On the beach, fursuits & inflatables… (warning, contains warning labels!)

Pooltoys by the Poolshore is our first event by the beach and now that our hotel is on the beach itself, it’s time that we had that little talk.

Fursuits: fursuit etiquette in our fandom is one of the bastions of a well-informed community.  Were we to ask you to tell us what constitutes good fursuit etitquette, we would get largely the same answers.  This is because the furry community is pretty knowledgeable sometimes.  Shocking!  Some of our fursuiting will take place in public, where most people on the street have no idea about these things or what furries are; or even that the costumes cost more to make than fifty to one hundred dollars.  With that in mind… we ask that every member of our group watch out for each other and be safe. Like with any public fursuiting you should always arrange having a handler around to help you better interact with the public, and also to keep you hydrated and safe from obstacles and dangers moving or otherwise.

The Beach is right next to our hotel.  We haven’t planned any specific beach outings this year because there is a high chance that the weather will not cooperate in mid-October.  That said, the beach is open, and ask that you stay safe out there and be prepared.  Jumping on a pooltoy in the ocean without proper preparation could result in you or your pooltoy getting swept out to sea, never to be seen again.  You can think of rip currents as a good way to Rest In Peace.

  • Think about what to pack; lots of rope (100′ or more), anchors (such as a 5 gallon bucket), battery powered air pump, tarps, pavilion, water & sunscreen, among other things.
  • Use the bucket, sand, rope and a friend on the shore to anchor your pooltoy and to make sure nothing happens to your anchor.  Anchor buddies are important.
  • Public Displays of Pooltoy:  it is a public beach, your anchor buddy will probably also get to toysit for you and answer questions from the public, such as where to get them / how much they cost.
  • The Pool Party isn’t prepared to include the beach as a part of our events this year.

The Carousel located in The Carousel Mall will be in use by our group on Saturday, Oct 14th in the early afternoon; before our group begins the return trek to the hotel.  There are some particular things you should know:

  • If you are in fursuit, you may need help from your handler and/or carousel staff to get you seated on the carousel.
  • A lot of small kids are present.  Sometimes the carousel operators will have just members of our group on the carousel, we may also be mixed with the public on some runs.
  • Each member of our group has two carousel rides included in the cost of registration – whether you are in suit or not.  While our group is at The Carousel Mall is the only time to get these rides, special circumstances notwithstanding.
  • The conference room on the 2nd floor of the carousel mall is our headless lounge and we will have fans, water and privacy.  The conference room may be air conditioned, but the main mall does not have AC.
  • The carousel can only accommodate about 15-20 of us per run; this is likely the last year that our group is small enough to use the carousel, because of limited space.

Inflatables are perhaps what we are known best for, but they are also something even many folks in the community know little about.  Like fursuits, inflatables aren’t as expensive because of volume.  The price per inflatable that one of our Candiderps usually brings are toys priced between $50 an $1500 each; acquired over many years.  At this time, The Pool Party does not own its own toys; all inflatables brought to our events are privately owned.  Inflatables are generally durable; they can usually support a lot of static weight.  Dynamic weight (such as jumping or flopping on them) they are pretty bad at; unless the inflatable is a bouncy castle and designed to be jumped on.   Some notes on inflatable etiquette:

  • Inflatables are a bit skittish and don’t like being in environments they don’t feel safe in.  Damage to their inflatables (due to accidents or callousness) is the biggest reason why those who own toys don’t take them out in public.
  • Find the owner of a toy and get their permission before using a their toy.  The owner should explain any limitations (such as no shoes, no sharp objects in pockets, badge clips, or “don’t sit on the toy between it’s shoulders, as one of the front legs might rip off”).
  • Whether on land or in the water; jumping on toys is one way to see seam splits in a split second.

For our second year in a row, The Pool Party has an actual pool to ourselves.  If you ask “why didn’t we think of this sooner?”  Well, we’re professional airheads!

  • You cannot enter the pool deck (the walking area around the pool) until after you have showered, unless you are carrying in pooltoys and airpumps and will shower before you get in the water.  Showering is a must.
  • Bring pooltoys, airpump & about a 10′ extension cord.  Almost all outlets are elevated (about 7-8′ in the air), and a lifeguard will bring a ladder to get you plugged in.  We will primarily be inflating toys beginning at noon, and deflation will begin between 5-6 pm, depending on how much work there is to do.
  • Pooltoys may go in either pool (but not the hot tub).  Pooltoys may only be ridden in the deep end of the main pool.  Inflatable games (that do not involve riding) will happen in the wading pool, and pooltoys arranged for photos will be done in the shallow end of the main pool.
  • The lifeguards have the final say about what toys are allowed in the pool.  Size and shape of the pooltoy are important considerations.  Tall toys can obstruct their view of the pool, where as flat toys could trap someone who is out of view, beneath.  The pool-owned inflatable will be up in the beginning and will get put away when we go on break for a meal (or rest).
  • Follow the instructions of the lifeguards and the rules of the pool to the best of your ability.
  • For those not using the pool, know that the showers are available until about 6:30pm in case you’d like to wash up before the long drive home.

If you have any questions, you may reach out to us or to either of our candiderps; Darkk & Baphnedia.  ^_^