no amount of planning survives first contact with the registration fern.

Get Out The Float events are conducted to create a fun, safe and inspiring environment. We desire our activities to make a positive and memorable impact for the cities and towns who host our events. Some elements of our events happen interacting with the public; and some are just for us.

One of our Candiderps compiled a playlist of Get Out The Float (previously known as The Pool Party) on Youtube, beginning with the most recent videos first. We haven’t made any official videos of our own yet. Get Out The Float events include…

  • Airheads on Airplanes: fursuiting in an aviation museum
  • Bouncy Castle of Representatives: fursuits & bouncy castles
  • Fursuit Games: similar to events at furry conventions with more inflates
  • Fursuit Walk: a fursuit parade in public but on the sidewalks
  • Money in Poolitics: raising money for charity, at $1 per vote
  • Pooltoys by the Poolshore: a series of events near an ocean
  • The Pool Party: a day at a large, indoor pool with custom pooltoys
  • Water Landing: NOT fursuiting at an indoor, plane-themed waterpark

The frequency, number and locations of our events is limited by our organizers’ available time, budget and memory (or lack thereof). If you would like to obtain our permission to establish Get Out The Float events in your area, please Contact Us with your idea and select “Licensing / Obtaining Permission” as the subject matter. We will reach out to you to outline our process and schedule an interview if need be.