Hotel Information for Airheads on an Airplane Feb 2nd-4th, 2018

Squeak!  Time is getting away from us like that helium balloon.  Come back!  Come baaaack!  What were we squeaking about?  Oh yes!  Airheads aren’t allowed to sleep in museum airplanes.  Rest assured, can sleep inn comfort from Feb 2-4th, 2018 just down the street from the museum.

Comfort Inn & Suites
2520 SE Stratus Avenue, McMinnville, OR, 97128
Phone: (503) 472-1700*
* Reservations for The Pool Party must be made to the hotel by calling this number.

Room Prices (intentionally left blank; TBA soon)

Amenities (cross posted from their website):

Airheads on an Airplane 2018 Registration Application

Squeak!  Registration is open for applications as of posting.  You may clicky on the link below to go straight to the form.  The form is so short that we could count the questions on our fins!  For this other posts relating to this event, please click on the category, Feb 2018 Airheads on an Airplane while supplies last.  ^^

Registration Application

Rivertide Suites Hotel in Seaside

Update 2:  The hotel sold out; though there is still some room space for some more constituents.  If you are looking for room space, track down Baphnedia and he will see if he can find space for you.

Update 1:  After September 8th, the group rates are no longer available.

Rivertide Suites Hotel
102 N. Holladay
Seaside, OR 97138
(503) 717-1100; (877) 871-8433

Reservation Period:  Now until Friday, September 8th, 2017 (after this group rate reservations close).
Group Name:  The Pool Party
Dates of Stay:  13 Oct 2017 – 15 Oct 2017 with up to two days before or after at our group rate if space is available.
Method of reservation:  Phone only.  (503) 717-1100; (877) 871-8433
Rates valid for up to two adults per room (except the two bedroom suites; rates are for up to 4 adults).
Additional adults are $20+tax per night (up to 4 in smaller rooms, or 6 in 2 bedroom suites).
Room rates do not include taxes, which are 11.8% as of writing.
Check in:  4pm
Check out:  11am
Reservations are secured by a valid major credit card or an advance deposit equal to the first night’s room and tax.
Cancellations:  Individual room cancellations with our group rate must be received by 4pm fourteen (14) days prior to the first night on the reservation.  For guests who are no-shows, a fee of one night’s room revenue will be billed to their credit card or if an advance deposit was provided, the deposit amount will be applied to the no-show fee.

Guest rates include:
– Complimentary daily continental breakfast buffet 7am-10am
– Complimentary daily Manager’s Reception (5pm-6pm), Beer, Wine, Soft Drinks & Snacks
– Complimentary use of hotel’s wifi system.
– Full size complete kitchens, living room area, in-room washer & dryer, 6 foot jetted tub, fireplace, 32″ flat screen TVs w/ DVD player, and private balcony.
– Triple sheeted pillow-top beds with firm & soft pillows.
– Indoor pool & hot tub, business center, 24-hour managed front desk, Great Room and Hearth Library
– Free parking, non-smoking, pet friendly (additional fees apply), ADA accessible rooms.



We at The Pool Party are confused by the obsession over motor vehicles. While the nicely inflated tires do have an acceptable PSI, the whole mode of transportation seems rather silly. Have you not heard of floating? Floating is the best way to get from place to place.

You can float through the air… and in rivers… streams… pools… ponds too I guess. Even the ocean, if you want! Cargo ships can float in the oceans, why not us too? Might have to be a large inflatable for personal safety, but that’s OK. Stretching yourself out as far as you can go is good for your health!

If you’ve got wings, use them! If you don’t have wings, use Helium! Even if you do have wings, use some Helium. Zeppelins seem to have an easy enough time floating around from place to place, so why not take advantage of the wonderful properties of lift? Doesn’t the sky look wonderful when it is full of giant balloons? We sure think so. It would be like a parade, or an air show, but all the time.

As lifting gasses are important, we feel they need to be produced more. Science can help make sure that everyone has as much Helium as they need to get from place to place. Stop pumping oil, start producing Helium!

Don’t bother with airports, go get huge at your local airship hangar, and float places! Maybe bring some passengers along, and make a business of it? They say small businesses are a good thing to start, but giant inflatables are not small. Big business then? Get big, worry about the terms later.

So the next time you go to take the bus, or drive your car, why not go for a float instead? You won’t regret it! Just watch for sharp tree branches.

And lamp posts.

Better watch out for antennas and stuff too. And overly curious birds with their sharp talons and beaks…

Written by Tombfyre


The world as we know it is ancient. Billions of years old, in fact! How do we know this? Why, most of us are made out of processed dinosaur stuff, after all. That’s been in the ground for millions of years! It takes a lot longer than a few thousand years to produce the natural building blocks of a hearty pool toy.

Climate change and global warming are definitely a thing, and something we have a great interest in. The oceans are the biggest pool we’ve got, and all the melting land and sea ice is making more water for us to float in. That’s pretty awesome, right? Plus the air is heating up slowly but surely, and who doesn’t love a little thermal expansion? We have to be careful however. Too much change can be dangerous, as severe storms could leave us blown all over the place. Have you ever had to pick yourself out of the branches of a tree, and patch all the holes? It isn’t fun, that’s for sure.

We often get asked if we’re more interested in micro scale sciences, or things at the macro scale. That should be obvious by now. The macro scale is where we like it best! The bigger the better, as is often said. Perhaps with the aid of some non-thermal expansion, via some lovely electric pump or another. They’re great devices, and one of the many delightful products of modern day science!

You might think that all this talk of expansion, pumps, compressors, rubbery bodies, patch kits, and general bigness are part of some crazy Big Toy Agenda. You’d be quite right in thinking so, as big toys are very much our agenda. The bigger the better! There’s a lot of space out there, and we intend to fill it.

With ourselves.

So grab an air pump, and come enjoy the squeaky side of life! With SCIENCE!

Written by Tombfyre